Our Charity

On April 27, 2006, Abby Sutterlin was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Her parents, John and Kendell, remember the day like it was just yesterday.  In the blink of an eye, their family’s “normal” life was turned upside down.  Abby was immediately taken to MUSC Children’s Hospital where they began to face the harsh reality that type 1 diabetes is a chronic lifetime disease that must constantly be managed.  It is not something Abby will ever out grow.  There are no vacations from the disease.  Type 1 diabetes is a constant in their lives, day and night, and there is no cure.

After Abby’s diagnosis, John and Kendell realized that there were no organizations in the Charleston area for type 1 diabetics and their families.  So with the help of some dear and dedicated friends, they made the very brave decision to start a non-profit organization named Abby’s Friends.  The charity is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for advancing type 1 diabetes research and improving the lives of those touched by the disease.

The first Abby’s Friends Charity Golf Classic and Gala was held in June 2007 and has since raised well over $3,600,000. All proceeds from Abby’s Friends go to assist other non-profit organizations that focus on type 1 diabetes. For example, Abby’s Friends provides a grant to MUSC Children’s Hospital for a full-time Pediatric Juvenile Diabetes Social Worker who now leads support groups for kids with Juvenile Diabetes in the Lowcountry. Abby’s Friends also assists with financial aid for children to attend the diabetic camps; Camp Adam Fisher and the SCDYA Camp Sweet Escape.

Abby’s Friends has been truly blessed with an enormous amount of support from the Charleston community.   As a mom, Kendell knew in her heart that she would work tirelessly to make Abby’s Friends successful, because she does not want another child to go through what her daughter has and will continue to endure.  But she never imagined she would have the support of so many people helping her with that same resolve.

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